01/02/17 10:15 PM
Re: Dream Yacht Charters "Breva"

Chartered an Oceanis 41, Nautilust, from Dream Yacht Charters (DYC) via a direct booking with the owner last year (2015). DYC is a world wide operation with bases in the Caribbean and in Europe. The owner of Nautilust, whom we chartered directly with, picked DYC to manage their boat because of their reputation for great management of their fleets and favorable charter contract terms.

Nautilust was a new boat (about 8 months old when we chartered her). The boat was very well prepped, base support was excellent and that we did an owner charter made no difference whatsoever in how we were treated. We had a battery charging problem on the second day and being not far from Hodges Creek, we brought the boat back there and got prompt and technically sound evaluation. Turned out that the batteries were fine; the boat was equipped with an undersized alternator so, we just adjusted our charging times and everything was fine. We alerted the owner and he subsequently changed the alternator from the stock one that was standard issue.

Can't compare TMM but it's very well regarded here. I had no problems with DYC and it is a very nice and well maintained facility overall (there are two other charter companies within Hodges Creek).

I will say this: For an 8 month old boat, there were things that, had this been my boat, I would have pressed DYC to be more attentive to. Little things - a few bent latches on supposedly water tight hatches and too much corrosion appearing on shroud turnbuckles, around the mast step and elsewhere. This kind of stuff is preventable with thorough fresh water wash downs after use and application of proper lubricants. Don't think these comments have anything to do with your questions. I'd recommend DYC for your charter purposes if you like the boat and the price is right.

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