04/11/12 05:21 PM
Re: BVI/USVI Ferry Schedule & FAQs

Sorry if this has already been asked. I looked and did not see that it has been recently.
AA changed our flights...for the better! But now I am a bit confused on the ferry situation. We arrive on Thurs into STT
@ 12:50. We need to get to Leverick for the first leg of our trip. Originally we were to get in later and had planned on the 5pm ferry to VG. Arriving earlier has me a bit confused. Should we wait it out in STT at the Pump room / shopping or would you suggest taking a ferry to Tortola and than to VG?
Would love to hear what some of the veterans here would do
Not sure that I see any real advantages (like getting to VG earlier) by going thru Tortola.

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