04/15/12 09:58 PM
STT to JVD -- Saturday ferry from CA or Red Hook?

I originally posted this question in the Main Forum, but maybe it belongs here....

We arrive in STT from ATL at 1:50 on Saturday, May 5th
(Any chance the 2:00 JVD direct runs late enough to catch it?).

On arrival, should we taxi to CA or Red Hook? Since it's a Saturday afternoon, I'm guessing traffic shouldn't be too much of an issue. We're hoping to get to West End in time for the 4:00 ferry to JVD vs the last one at 6:00.

Native Son shows a 2:30 out of CA, but doesn't that one stop at Red Hook before going over to West End? If so, wouldn't we be better off to board in Red Hook so we have some of the first bags off on arrival in West End?

Would the 3:15 from Red Hook allow us enough time to clear customs and still make the 4:00 to JVD?

Thanks for the help! Less than 3 weeks to a week on the most perfect beach I've ever seen!!

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