06/18/13 06:03 PM
Re: TTOL Member Map

Here are a few updates related to the TTOL map.

- The map has been updated with 249 entries and can be fond online here - TTOL Member Map

- In truth, I have 279 people who have submitted entries. When I started this thought, I didn't know if we would get 50 responses. Turns out that the free version of BatchGeo only allows 250 entries on each map (upgraded Pro version is $99/month - no thanks). So let me think of another option to support the growing responses. Recommendations are welcome.

- The map and form was shared by a member with the Saint Martin forum. I've never been to SXM, but I'd love to! Anyway, some of the latest entries may be from that group. But someone in that section has volunteered to do their own map. So the latest group of people on this particular map may be from the SXM forum, but we're all of the same spirit and interests!

- Further, I'm super swamped with this work thing. So I'll get to updates asap and will figure out an alternative to accommodate the growing list in another free map service.

I'm excited there was so much interest in this and hope that it turns into new connections in the community!

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