09/10/17 11:44 AM
Re: It's really dark in a boarded up house..

11:30 AM update--We've done everything that we know to do. We're getting showers, getting the last load of dishes washed and last load of laundry done. So far all we have is lots of rain. We hope that we will have electric for a while yet. When I was talking about watching football games today, I forgot (somehow!!) that we have Direct TV and we get 'rain fade' and often are out of signal in just a garden variety thunderstorm. So, even if we have electric, we may well not have TV. At least I can read or whatever. Have plenty of food and water. Latest 11 am advisory has the closest point down to 60 miles, down from 80, but hopefully we'll be ok. There have already been several tornado warnings around, but no tornadoes that I am aware of.

As I said, if/when our electric goes off, we will try to keep JD updated of our status.

Take care stay safe, everyone in Florida and everywhere, in Irma's path!

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