09/14/17 11:14 AM
Virgin Gorda Villa/Irma advise


Some of you know Julie and I are scheduled to arrive VG on November 2nd via STT. This will be our 1st long land based stay in a Mahoe Bay villa. We have 4 other couples joining us that have never been to BVI and are traveling from Phoenix, Denver and Las Vegas. They are not the seaworthy type and I finally convinced them to see natures little secret after years of showing them photos and videos of the BVI from our sailing trips.

We have not canceled anything yet...I have seen sat images of Mahoe Bay and looks like all the roofs are intact. They must be recent images since all the foliage is brown and the pools are brown, not the bright blue.

Am I nuts for thinking/hoping that VG will be up and ready for us by November 2nd? I dont want to cancel however I dont want to disappoint new visitors and dont want to come across as being selfish knowing the state of the BVI's. If it was just Julie and I and we could get there to help in November we would. Reading that volunteers and workers are getting turned away etc if not belongers etc.. Hoping that soon people will be able to visit and help.

Any advise?


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