09/20/17 06:57 AM
New vacation spot

I am looking for some advice. We have been vacationing n St Martin for many years. Since the destruction of Irma this year we need to find a new spot. I am looking for some advice on other islands to go to.

Here is what are looking for in a vacation:

We don't need fancy restaurants, we can be just as happy eating at a road side stand as well as a nice restaurant.

We enjoy sitting on a sandy beach. We like to rent chairs and umbrellas and have a few drinks in the sun.

We like to use AirBnB. Rent a condo and do our own thing.

We like it to be fairly safe. I understand nowhere is 100% safe and as long as you use common sense then it is usually OK.

We enjoy more of a quiet atmosphere. Not into large crowds of college at kids partying down. We are not prudes and enjoy a good time I just don't need it around 24/7.

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks in advance for your help.

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