01/13/02 12:10 AM
Classifieds Usage and Cost

All posts made on this board are subject to approval of the TTOL Staff along with proper payment prior to their being released for viewing. Posts that are made will not show up on this forum until the above conditions are met, at which time they will be "released" for public viewing.


The price for a classified ad is $10 for 30 days of display. Payment can be made by using the TTOL Shop, scroll down the page toward the bottom of the screen. Increase the number of units for more than 30 days. The TTOL Shop will accept a variety of credit cards including American Express. I can also send you an email request for payment with Visa/Mastercard or Discover.

All classifieds must be paid in full prior to their being released for viewing. Prepare your classified advertisement and submit it for approval on the Classified Forum. For any questions about the Classified Section, please use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen. The TTOL staff will then review your ad and send you an email should there be any problem. After posting the ad please use the TTOL shop link for payment over the internet. Change the quantity in the shopping cart for each 30 day period. Payment must be made within five (5) days or your classified ad will automatically be deleted from the pending file.

General content:

When posting, please include any information that you would normally include as if you were taking out a newspaper ad. Specifically you should include an email address and/or other ways for interested parties to be able to contact you. All photos must be as links within the classified ad. Generally any classified should be of interest to the membership and therefore related to traveling in the islands, meaning this is not a classified to sell your used car or furniture for example. You should be as specific as possible in the title of the advertisement so that the members can easily determine the subject matter.

No replies to any classified will be allowed. All questions concerning any advertisement should be directed to the poster of the classified advertisement via email, PM or any other from of communication listed within the specific advertisement.

Legal Disclaimer:

All offers listed here are being made solely by the member and TTOL has no control over their offerings nor the means to validate the accuracy of these offerings. In any event, TTOL will not be held responsible for any post, nor the consequences of any post made to this Classifieds Forum. All buyers should use due diligence when purchasing any item/service as you would from a newspaper classified listing.

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