03/08/17 07:17 AM
Re: Sneaking liquor on Cuise Ship


SXMWendell said:
My last cruise in Nov.2016 Royal Caribbean. Most drinks were $13. Which..... made the drink package look more plausible. I didn't buy the first day so only had to pay for the 6 days forward, for both in the room. $824 for the booze package. BUT..... I did find Don Julio 1942 was included ($100 a bottle) So I did have some smooth margaritas. As did the retired banker from MIA that was sitting next to me.


We were on NCL. Margaritas were $14.00 in the plastic cup, drink of the day was $9.00. We had the soda package, so not sure how much the sodas cost. They would not let us pay the difference on our soda package to upgrade to the Ultimate Bev Package.

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