08/30/17 10:57 PM
Re: Where in the world?

I am using TTOL to post pictures. When you are posting in the bottom three threads topics (Simple Pictures) you can upload a single photo if the picture is less than 25OK in size and I think 1280 wide. Type in your text and hit continue. When the preview loads look below the text and you will see a upload window. After it uploads, you can grab the file name and use the img command to post into other thread topics. However it is one at a time.

As for download, Carol correct me if I am wrong, if you are logged in the picture is visible to someone looking at the thread. If you are not logged in you see a link in the header and when you click it you see the picture and that counts as a download.

To officially answer the question of the location of your shot.... It would be Monterosso one of the villages of the Cinque Terre.

I will post tomorrow the next picture

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