10/04/14 09:35 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

Maybe I am wrong but I thought the bank had assigned someone to overlook the running of Caravanserai for quite some time pending the sale. If the timeshare sales were going on openly in the lobby while being run by a bank assigned person then it seems to me that the bank therefore waived any objection to timeshare sales and in fact was giving approval to timeshare sales and even encouraged the sale of timeshares to maximize profit for the bank and attract a buyer. It seems disingenuous for someone to argue otherwise.

In fact it seems to me if at any time someone working at the front desk while the bank had taken over had printed out a charge or collected a timeshare tax from anyone staying there or cashed/deposited a timeshare maintenance fee then that person was acting as am agent of the bank and approving in writing the existence of timeshares at the resort.

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