10/04/14 10:43 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

I can't answer questions now (no time) but I'm working behind the scenes to make some things happen.I need your help everyone...


We are working on a lot of things related to this situation. Right now, we URGENTLY need to know a) if there is a Caravanserai Timeshare Owners Association; b) if so, who heads it and how we may get in touch with the top people (phone/email); and c) we need similar contact info for people who have a lot of ownership at the resort (many weeks / penthouse / etc.) Please do *NOT* put this info online; email it to jmbweb[at] as quickly as possible, preferably during the day on Sunday. Time is of the essence to move forward on this situation... I need your help....

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