10/04/14 11:14 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

Okay, being relatively new to T/S ownership (9 yrs) this obviously sounds disastrous, especially to those of us who purchased our week outright back in 2006 (pre-construction)& who bought a 3 bedroom unit!!! We paid $20,000 for the week. I know of other T/S buildings that have been converted to hotels but the T/S owners have been asked to sell their units back and are paid a seemingly generous percentage of the initial purchase price up to about 75%. This seems like a TOTAL loss on the T/S owners behalf. No T/S unit, no compensation and loss of RCI points!!! We can't imagine that all of the owners will just walk away and chalk it up to a bad experience. Of course it is my gut reaction to hope that if this is the option we are left with that NOBODY EVER stays at the Algeria and that the new owners lose their investment of 12 million as fast as possible. I can see Trip Advisor and any other social media vehicle being bombarded with negative comments about the Algeria with hopes to spread the word about what a rotten deal the T/S owners received. I know that recourse for such actions in another country will probably be very difficult but doing absolutely nothing doesn't sit well with me either. We love visiting SXM so much and will continue to do so regardless of the actions of the new owners of Algeria but if this stands, we will take every opportunity and use every media vehicle we can find to discourage any potential visitors from choosing this "hotel" while visiting SXM.

Deb & Lena

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