10/04/14 11:43 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

Yeah...I am a former full time lawyer who is now a stay at home mom. In the past 5 years my husband (at age 44) battled prostate cancer through surgery and radiation, my daughter got type 1 diabetes and went into a coma and nearly died, we lost 2 family members, a crazy former employee nearly destroyed our business, and I was diagnosed with a congenital peripheral nerve disorder. Despite all of that we have managed to stay married, protect our business, raise beautiful high achieving kids, and still donate to charity. We visit St. Maarten for 2 weeks every year and that is one of the joys in my life that is a respite from the stresses we have faced in life, and someone is tarnishing it. Suck it up and run is not in my genetic makeup.

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