10/05/14 12:16 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

Been watching threads like this one for over a month. And some of the comments I really don't understand.

Lease holders were told the place would be finished in 2 years. How many times was this extended? Did this have all the adminities promised? Do you see a pattern here? I feel that his property has been a mess from day one and for some reason the leaseholders just kept putting up with the abuse.

I am really surprised the bank didn't shut down the resort. They are in the banking business NOT the hotel/TS business. They don't want to be in the hotel/TS business. Banks don't like their losses to get bigger, ie paying additional water, light and wages.

Then when the resort sold. I see comments like " Now we can see things get better finally". No one knew/knows what the plans of the new owner are. The place didn't make it as a TS and went back to the bank. So maybe the new owner might not go that direction?

I see this tread about the new owner dropping the TS business and now some lease holders want to fight. Don't you think the new owner had a team of lawyers investigate what could and couldn't be done before they even made the bid on the place? If the lease holders do fight ( which could take several years) do you still have to keep the yearly MF's up to date ( even if they triple) or be in breach of contract? How much money will it take ( or you want to spend) to take them to court? What happens if the new owner sells the place. Will the legal fight have to start all over again (send more money)?

And leaseholders want to blame the new owner for exercising their apparently legal right. As the same as you want to fight for, but apparently the new owners have more rights to the property.

SXM??? Wendell

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