10/05/14 03:19 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

Guess that is the question? At this point we do not know that anwser. Does it sound really really bad, yes. But at this point I do not know, nor do any of the timeshare owners know. Some evidenly have gotten emails and others have not. Is it that the ones that bought "after" the bank took over are effeted or is it everybody.

Not sure of the anwser as of now. Not downplaying it whatsoever, but we simply do not know what is what at this point. Will next week shed some lite on the situation.... hopefully so.

If everybody had gotten the email ....... then that says something, but because a whole lot have not gotten the email what does that say.. have no clue at this point.

Like I think there is more than what we may know right now. Hopefully for all concerned it will work out the best, hopefully that will be the case.

But it is better to be prepared for bad news than not.

Not sticking up for the t/s industy at all, but just seems that there is a lot missing at this point.

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