10/05/14 03:27 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

I'm not sure that the points explanation is correct. As a points user and purchaser of week 44 (the week we purchased is stated in our lease agreement)we have the option to immediately tell RCI upon our return to the U.S that we will be staying in our unit for week 44 the following year (in this case lets say 2015). If we are not sure, RCI does not open up our unit to a points trade until 10 months out so in our case if we don't notify RCI by January 1st of 2015 that we intend to stay in our home base unit they can put our unit "in the pot" of units available. In our case, the unit is all three, deeded first under the sales contract, right to use under the lease agreement and a points unit under RCI. A separate fee is paid to RCI for the points each year so I'm not sure that points are really related to the ownership. But this being the only T/S that I own, I could be wrong.

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