10/05/14 05:31 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

i kinda agree with Scuba on this one. Since the resort was purchased from the Bank.....and the Caravanserai was totally bust and millions in debt, legally i believe that the corporation does no longer exist, and the monies paid into it are probably long gone.(or in this case in Mr. Manek's personal off shore bank account somewhere) I don't beleive the new owners of the property have to live up to any type of agreement made by the previous owner UNLESS the individual units purchased are actually recorded in some land bank (ie a SXM registry of deeds), but I do not beleive that Timeshares in Saint Maarten get recorded into something like this. I bet that the new owners are trying to ''appease'' the current individual timeshare owners by offering them a weekly rate for a hotel room the ''special rate'' of whatever the maintenance fee would've been on one's individual unit. of course, it sounds like people that owned a higher floor, or a larger unit (ie 2-3 bedroom or penthouse) could be subject to paying higher room rates for a lower standard size hotel room. Honestly, I can't see how the government will be able to help in this case...they sure aren't going to miraculously give millions of dollars to ''tourists'' that got swindled over the years. It's going to take years and years for this new named venture to remove the stink of it' previous ownership. Seems like since its early inception this particular property has been doomed. Someone walked away with millions....and the new venture starts off ''clean''. SMH

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