10/05/14 05:43 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

Todd & others the way I read the loan agreement from the bank is that it pertains to the actual property on which they had their liens. That would mean that the buildings in whole could not be sold & that parcels of the land could not be sold. The court ruled in the banks favor about the sale of some parcels of the actual land to the casino & two others. The court voided those sales because Manek did not have the banks permission to sell off pieces of the property to which they held a lien on. I had followed the court case involving Manek & the bank & the sale of timeshares was never brought up. The loan was given for the building of additional units for timeshare & condos. Additionally there are people who have had timeshare there way before Scotia Bank got involved.

I think this is a ploy by the new owner to try to get people to give up their units so they can sell them over again. He way overpaid for the property & figured this is how he will make his money back.

Anyone who wants to put a group together to speak with an attorney I can recommend the firm & lawyer that has been handling our case at RP. We are whole owners as opposed to TS owners but the TS group at RP that lost the first time around has also now gone to our attorney. PM me if you would like the names & contact info. Todd when I get to the island I can take you to see if him if you would like but I think action is needed before then.

I know that our leases at Pelican & RP have a guarantee of continued use by the government of The Netherlands regardless of who owns the property but I do not know if the ones from Caravanserai have that in them.

Good luck to everyone who owns there & anything I can do to help I am there for you.....

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