10/05/14 06:03 PM
Re: Does Anyone have the full text of the email?

Yes, there are a whole lot of things going on here. You have the foreclosure, not sure there was actaully a bankruptcy. But the bank owned the property for sure at some point. You have the sale.... are/was there any conditions to that sale?? Probably not, but we do not know.

Are ther ramifications to the curretn t/s owners, that is a given. Are there reasons that the new owner will do anything, again who knows. Is there a difference between owners that bought before the foreclosure and those that bought after the foreclosure... no clue and don't think anybody has a clue at this point in time.

Was there actually a deed, was there actually .............. whatever. Seems that everybody is speculating and what I find is strange (but not unrealistic at all) is that anybody so far that bought before the "foreclosure" has not received anything. Has anybody that bought before the foreclose recieve anything?? So far from the responses so far, that does not appear to be the case, but maybe I have missed some??? Previous owners, have you as of NOW recieved an email or letter? Not that it makes any difference, but maybe it does?

That does not mean your investment is not "toast", just curious. What does that mean? Don't have a clue, but jumping to conclusions might be correct but they also maybe incorrect. This just broke on basically this weekend, correct??

This could easily be a really bad thing. But .... not going there.

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