10/05/14 07:44 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

Thank you Sharon.

I am hoping that we hear more this week, and that the TS owners are able to get organized in the fight. My stake in this is small, to the extent that financially the loss of the $675 for AMF's for my week 49 that they now want me to pay again to use the unit is basically it. I consider myself ahead based on what I put into the place. I will not be paying another $675 to stay there week 49.

My major stake in this place is all those that I care about that have a lot more invested. Starting with all those that lost their jobs, the businesses associated that depend on this for income and then all of you have a bunch of money into the place and deserve better. With this in mind I am here to support all of those people.

I hope that even though there is a limited time to deal with this, I hope that people will show some patience for this next week so we as a group can acquire more information.


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