10/06/14 12:54 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

I get that it is easy to say the signs were there but every time someone stayed at Caravanserai they were corralled into meetings in which they were assured that the resort was going to be sold at auction and that timeshares would be honored by whoever bought the building as a condition of purchase. If the bank continued running the Caravanserai and soliciting upgrades and commitments or even giving general reassurances then there is a whole lot more at play here. If the timeshares were not permissible sales then the second the bank got the financials on foreclosure proceedings why didn't the bank post notice of the violation and direct it's representatives pending sale that timeshare reservations were not valid and should not be honored. Did they accept funds from Caravanserai that were secured through timeshare sales/reservations? As it was, it seems the bank or it's agent continued to allow the same people who sold the timeshares to keep offices at the resort and hold timeshare owners meetings etc. And they charged timeshare taxes and honored RcI reservations s well as in house timeshare bookings. This was occurring between the auction dates. It seems they were trying bring in as many timeshare dollars as possible before cutting people off at the knees.

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