10/06/14 07:01 PM
Re: We can do help maybe

Sorry, mecs, did not really intend to direct to you, but to everybody that has interest in this subjet. So am looking for a "spokes person" for lack of a better term?

If there is interest, we can set up a seperate forum to help, or at least communicate. Would the t/s owner be supportive of that??

Yes, it would be available to all (not that their are not other options, but lets go with that at this point in time). Just making an offer, that is all.

Let me know, or who ever might be interested, but it does have to be civil to some extent, is that acceptable?

Send me a PM or maybe better yet an email, use the contact us at the bottom of the page. There are options for this type of thing, so yes, can it be done, yes absolutely!

Let me know if you and the various owners are interested. Not saying you are in charge at all, just that the offer is there. Do not have any idea where it might go and I/we do not have a stake in the issue, just making resources available in this particular situation.

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