10/06/14 07:15 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

Ouch! You pierced me straight to the heart. I have actually done a lot of business over a lot of years (more than I care to admit) in North America and somehow managed to come out whole. I learned a lot of lessons along the way, and some of them I learned the hard way. I'm not an attorney and have no expertise in St. Maarten law, but I've had experience writing a lot of contracts over the years, so I do know a thing or two about legal constructs. I've even fought the good fight in court on occasion. I haven't "detemined" that anyone should just walk away, although many have already done so. I simply asked that you consider at what point do you finally decide to walk away from a bad investment.
So I'm just trying to pass on my insights from my own experience. I surely do understand the urge to fight this. But my point is at what cost? When is a win a win? To paraphrase a former President, it depends on what definition of 'win' is. After months or even years of struggle, you might win a battle only to discover that you and everyone else involved losses the war in the long run. One of the points of my post was that Kildare ran the resort into the ground to the point of threatening its continued existance. My question is how is beating up on Alegria, who has invested a lot of money into turning the situation around, going to make things any better.
The way I see it, they have made a first step proposal that is, I'm guessing, one they feel in their minds is a reasonable and good faith offer. So here's what I would suggest. Instead of starting a fight that no one can possibly win, why not select of delegation of Caravanserai t/s "owners" and meet with representatives of Alegria to 1) hear their side of the story, 2) air your grievances to them, and 3) see what common ground exists between you or can be negotiated. Compromise would certainly be more satisfactory than the risk of losing everything, and a whole lot less expensive at the same time.

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