10/06/14 08:58 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria


Christopher56 said:
I responded to their email letter and told them that I REFUSE this insulting offer and that a buyout of my unit for what I paid back in 2006 pre construction is what I want. Will see where that gets me.

Playing devil's advocate....but i am assuming....and i hate using that word...that the contract you made or preconstruction back in 2006, was payable to the old ownership, and this new ownership did not receive one nickel of the price, and will probably not give a rat's ass about your complaint. They didn't see any money in their pockets...so probably the one to demand money back from would be Manek and company...and we all know what that will get you.

As others have stated...this new ownership overpaid for the property as is....and sure not going to payback owners monies that they never realized in the first place. Again...i am assuming that this would be the case...i may be wrong.

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