10/07/14 06:59 PM
Re: Caravanserai


I also don't think what happens to Alegria will have a big effect on the TS industry as a whole but instead on the unfortunate TS owners in that complex.

This is far from being true. The truth is that if the new owner is allowed to turn a timeshare facility into a straight hotel facility, a HISTORIC PRECEDENT will be set not only on this island but possibly at any timeshare facility, exclusive of U.S. timeshare properties. The government needs to take a long, hard look at this mess. This totally unprofessional act of sending people emails may be a ploy by the new owner who controls Alegria Real Estate in that they know they can't simply null the sales. Remember that sales were taking place at the resort while a Scotia Bank agent was overseeing the property. That IS the truth.

In the end we keep our timeshares at a price 9 times the yearly maintenance fee of 2014.

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