10/08/14 06:51 AM
Re: Caravanserai


"I also don't think what happens to Alegria will have a big effect on the TS industry as a whole but instead on the unfortunate TS owners in that complex."

This is far from being true. The truth is that if the new owner is allowed to turn a timeshare facility into a straight hotel facility, a HISTORIC PRECEDENT will be set not only on this island but possibly at any timeshare facility, exclusive of U.S. timeshare properties

Totally agree...

...and the unplanned closing of a resort due to storm damage is a bit different than transferring ownership, dumping existing contracts and continuing operations

I should also mention that the only way SOME owners know about this event is through this forum. It is obvious that not everyone received the email. Those that did not and do not frequent this board are still clueless as to what is going on....

Thus my original post about how lame it was to send the notice via email vs. certified mail. They have no proof of ANYONE actually getting it.

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