10/08/14 10:19 AM
Re: Caravanserai

As an owner who bought while the first floor of the T/S bldg was going up and who has used our penthouse unit 3 times starting in 2010 we have been on a roller coaster ride from day 1. to some of the people who have posted I can truly tell the non owners versus owners.We as many owners recognize the great potential for Caravanserai and have had some wonderful times there. We do miss Ray:( He always tried to help us and give us good info.I know many people posting don't fully understand what is in our hearts but to the people who are siding with Allegria I think they need to walk a mile in the owners shoes. I also think that is shameful that the St.Martin government has not made an effort to better communicate any efforts to solve this dilemma which they obviously have been aware of. As far as the bank goes ...They are a bank and they could give a rat's ass about anything but their money which is to be expected of the bank. I do beleive that it would be in the interest of bothe the government , and Allegria , and The Time Share Assoc. to solve this in favor of the owners for 2 reasons 1.) If they don't this will seriously weaken the timeshare business in general but specifically in St.Martin and 2.) We as other owners also own other weeks in St.Martin and you can bet your bottom dollar that we will spend every waking hour on that island making all parties involved lives MISERABLE!!!

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