10/08/14 11:30 AM
Re: Caravanserai


SXMScubaman said:
"Thus my original post about how lame it was to send the notice via email vs. certified mail. They have no proof of ANYONE actually getting it."
When an email fails a notice is sent to the sender that it failed to deliver to that address.

In theory, you are correct, in practice, not so much. I am involved in a business systems analysis project at work right now and one of the major elements is email deliverability rates. There is a significant gap between reported non-deliverables and actual. If you are counting on reported non-deliverables and following up only with those, you are going to miss a ton of people because there are a lot of ways that email is reported as non-delievered but is never seen by the target.

We have difficulty with purchase receipts that, because of the status of my employer, are held in company records, so must get through. This seems like a notification of similar importance. Our experience is that relying solely on email for critical documentation, especially that with financial implications, is folly.

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