10/09/14 11:46 AM
Re: Caravanserai

I am new to this forum and have received a letter on 10/3, found this last night. I will not be signing the form received.
I bought my TS in 2006 I believe, was given a room #, week, etc. (I need to pull my contract), and have not had the ability to use it, given one excuse after another, the property was not ready, and then no response over the last few years to my phone calls. Only to get a phone call about 3 months ago, asking me to send in my maintenance fee, ASAP. I found this strange, so I called back to the number I received and the person that answered, stated she didn't know who called me. I asked if I could start booking my room and was told, I would get a call back. Still waiting. Now, I receive this letter and it's all making sense. They wanted my money so they could pocket it.

I am in for the fight, I paid for my time share, pre-construction as well in full.

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