10/10/14 04:22 PM
Re: RCI exchange and Alegria

I was able to have a good conversation with an RCI manager last night around 6:15 Central time. He said they were blindsided by this whole situation , which I'm sure they were being as many resorts as they have to keep track of. I have a suspicion this will bring about some major policy changes because they definitely don't need this grief. I faxed him the 3 page letter that Alegria was emailing out and I gave him some contact numbers I had from the Ministry of Tourism which I called and left messages for Ted Richardson , the Minister, which I am not holding my breath based on Jeff Berger's newsletter which talks about the current government in transition since the election.I feel confident that the person at RCI will keep me in the loop there but I don't expect any info until next week, but as I get any good info I will post for sure, and yes my reservation was my home week that I reserved after our stay there last year and yes my Maint. fees are current. Based off what I am hearing I am pretty much crossing all my fingers and toes and asking for Divine intervention. :)))

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