10/11/14 03:24 PM
Re: Caravanserai

Just an update on our situation , I received a call about an hour ago from Maria.....I almost passed out because I sure didn't expect a call back from last week. I explained to her that I was not angry with her and Minerva as they are only doing what they are told. I told her I was not going to pay fees again for something we already paid for and that paper Alegria wanted us to sign was way to ambiguous for me or any one with good sense to sign. I am moderately hopeful that based off the radio interview on the 9th of the member of the timeshare association that when meetings begin this week between all parties concerned that maybe some satisfactory path forward might be found. Maria stated that Alegria had only the best intentions but nobody in their right mind would believe that based off of their opening move. It smacks more of greed than reconciliation.

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