10/18/14 05:46 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

Marty DID post on his Facebook site a few hours ago. It reads as follows:

Alegria hotel resort ( former Caravanserai )
As requested by Many timeshare owners , my 2 cents.

I had a meeting with the new owner, Mr. Sidhom and he explained me exactly whatís going on. So here it goes with full knowledge of Mr. Sidhom, me writing this.
We are no longer a timeshare resort. The new owner bought the land, long term lease, through a public auction set up by scotia bank. Mr. Sidhom bought the land legally. The land deed was sold by foreclosure by Scotia Bank. Mr. Sidhom took full ownership on Septemer 15th 2014. Mr. Sidhom did NOT buy or was obliged to buy endless vacation N.V. or Kildare N. V. what your timeshare contracts were under. The former owner, Mr. Manek, managing director of those 2 companies made a mess of it, therefor the bank took it back. The bank did again NOT sell the cooperations ( N.V. s) but only the land deed . Mr Sidhom has NO obligation honoring any contracts made between timeshare owners and kildare N.V. or Endless Vacation N.V. He is not at fault here. He bought the land so he can make this the best HOTEL resort in the Caribbean. NEVER AGAIN a timeshare or vacation club or which ever. 100 % hotel! If he would have bought it directly from Mr. Manek then we have the dutch saying> Koop breekt geen huur. Buying does not break leases. He however bought it through foreclosure auction which is why he does NOT have to take over any companies previous associated with the resort. So after consulting with also my lawyer, any action law suits you are planning against Mr. Sidhom , Alegria N.V. or Alegria B.V will stand little ground and will cost you legal fees. The one to go after would be Endless Vacation or Kildare and go even further straight to Mr. Manek . I know how bad this is for the timeshare owners. But again Mr. Sidhom did nothing wrong and is being made look like the bad guy on behalf of Mr. Manek. Mr. Sidhom feels extremely bad about the situation also, but he also has to protect his investment. What he is doing now is ( what he does NOT have to do, but does so people can still come on vacation as planned if they want to) is charging you for whatever the amount was you were paying anyway for maintenance for ur old timeshare unit. THAT unit will be your unit you stay in . Thatís why in your letter it stated a Hotel room, since we are 100 % hotel. This is on an annual base until he also cancels that, which he can do as of today if he wants to, because he can make a lot more income by renting the hotel room, then timeshare owners pay for a week maintenance. To recoup your investement and hard earned money like I wrote earlier , go after the right person which is anything that has to do with Mr. Manek or Scotia Bank. Iím caught in the middle of this shit also. I did however make a business deal with Mr. Sidhom, and The Dream pool bar is what it was. I believe 100 % in Mr. Sidhom Ďs intentions. Heís an Honorable business man and Iím 100 % on his team. Iím glad Mr. Manek is out. Mr. Sidhom is flying in ,on a weekly base, work crews from the states. Breaking out of mildew smelling units start next week, to rebuild them. His intentions are great! If he would NOT have purchased through foreclosure and no one would have bought, this would all have gone down the shits anyway if Mr. Manek would have stayed around. You fed him millions in maintenance and timeshare money, and all is gone! So go after the right folks! Thatís just my 2 cents, but do what you gotta do. So wanna stay? Then pay ur regular maintenance for your unit. Your contact is Maria @ Alegria hotel. Thatís where your questions should be directed to and not me. I however will do my best to keep you informed and tell you about FACTS!! Not hearsay. You might not like what I wrote, but at least I hope I cleared some questions up. Always here for yah, Marty @ The Dream

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