10/18/14 10:38 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

You know Marty. From my perspective I think that you are doing a disservice to many by saying that the new owner is an honorable man. I am not convinced. He doesn't care about what he is doing to all of us owners. On the contrary he is holding a gun to our heads and telling those of us who already paid our MFs that if we want our rooms we must pay him money again and sign away any rights that we have. Get a grip on reality Marty , He knows that many of us are between a rock and a hard place because we already have air booked. This is extortion , not honorable! He is just taking advantage of the situation to generate quick revenue! For God's Sake please don't feed us anymore BS If this new owner thinks we will take this lying down he is seriously mistaken! We do have options!

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