10/19/14 08:28 PM
Re: Caravanserai now Alegria

San....i feel your pain. As i said, i am a timeshare owner myself. BUT, now at Caravanserai, there is nothing. It is bankrupt, and unfortunately, the timeshare owners are out of their investments. As I mentioned, the lawsuit if there is one, should be levied against Manek and Company....the new owner bought the property as a building only, and does have the right to do with it as he pleases..since the previous ownership went bust. It is never fun to lose money, but this was a disaster waiting to happen from it's inception. The timeshare owners lost their investment when the bankcrupty was declared. Now the new owner unfortunately have no ties to the old company, and can do with it as they deem fit. Sorry, just stating fact. Would it make a difference if the place was abandoned, boarded up, and later razed to the ground??? The timeshare owners would've lost their rights then too. Now, even though it stings, the new owner is offering to ''rent'' the units for the price of maintenance fees only. This will probably be a big discount.....and i am sure he feels that a few bucks is better than none...but it is little consolation for the people that gave away their hard earned money to a ''schemer'' who never followed up on any of the promises he made at the beginning. Will the new resort become successful is anyone's guess...but it sure leaves a blackeye on the industry. Most of the time, timeshare ownership works out..in this very remote case it did not.

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