12/01/14 06:45 PM
Re: RCI exchange and Alegria

As of today, December 1, 2014, our points for 2015 (133,000) from RCI were posted in our account. We held our breath a couple of weeks ago that our 2014 vacation/points were still going to be honored by RCI & they were. Deb & I (this is Lena posting) have been owners for week 44 at Caravanserai (now Alegria) for 9 years. Called a rep at RCI today & was reassured that yes, we indeed still had our points thru November 2015 & put in a request for next year for our 2 week vacation. Not only do we have 133,000 current points, we also have an additional 66,000 points left over from this year. I was told even though we had no "home resort" our points & enrollment with RCI was separate from that of Caravanserai/Alegria resort. Does anyone else have any other information about RCI points, etc.? Please let me know what you have been told to date. Thank you.

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