12/02/14 10:01 AM

I "own" two weeks at Caravanserai. I also traded one of those weeks in for points to trade into Caravanserai for the week prior to one of my weeks (ie. we own week 31 and 32, but needed week 30 and 31). As of now, RCI still shows me as having TWO CONFIRMED reservations at Caravanserai. One for my home unit, and one for the unit I traded in to. So they are NOT notifying either the owners or the people trading into Caravanserai, as we qualify as both and if we were not on SXM websites we would have no idea that neither one of those reservations (which we made in August) would likely be honored.

I am pretty sure there are people out there who have booked flights in the time between the sale of the property to Alegria and now, during which time RCI was alerted to the situation repeatedly. And I have never opened any email sent to me by Alegria. As far as I was concerned, the subject heading of the email looked like a spam timeshare offer (it did not mention Caravanserai, and I only knew the name Alegria because of posts on TTOL and from Marty). Had I not known the name Alegria as it relates to Caravanseri, the email would have been immediately tagged and sent to spam, without being opened. I suspect that is how a lot of people treated that email who had no idea about the Caravanserai/Alegria connection and still don't have an idea to this day because that has been the ONLY communication (I never got a second email, I have never gotten anything through regular mail, and I have gotten no notification from RCI).

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