12/25/14 09:45 AM
New Press Release from SMTA

We have been asked to provide the following information here on the forum:

The SMTA is a St. Maarten association comprised of almost all of the St. Maarten timeshare developers. As an association of Timeshare Developers, we are familiar with the protections afforded timeshare owners under St. Maarten law. These legal protections may or may not apply to the Caravanserai situation. However, as an Association we want to assure consumers that protections have been built into the law for the vast majority of timeshare developments. While legal avenues may be available to timeshare owners of Caravanserai, legal proceedings are expensive and unpredictable.

To offer Caravanserai timeshare owners with an alternative to litigation, we have come together to offer valuable vacation rights at other resorts, on St. Maarten, to Caravanserai owners so that they can continue to enjoy the vacations that they purchased as well as maintain their exchange value.

We know that this does not cure the anxiety and angst that the situation at Caravanserai has caused our valued timeshare owners, but we do believe that as a destination we have to do something. For further information please visit

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