12/26/14 10:21 AM
Re: New Press Release from SMTA

Looks to me it is a win for the resorts and just so so to an "owner". Most off weeks at TS resorts in SXM sell for very little, so not much gain or loss there for either parties. If you had an off season week with $500 MF and tradeded in another resort at low season you would have a transfer fee and most likely a higher MF, so good for a resort, not so good for an"owner". If you had a high season week, now you would have an off season week, transfer fees and most likely a higher MF. Good for the resort also not so good for the "owner. This is on the assumption the "owner" didn't want to pay a higher MF than what was at Caravnseri.

And some of these resort are just offering "a week" without a commitment by either party to use the next years like a hotel but you will probably have to pay in advance, not like a hotel.

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