01/03/15 03:50 PM
Re: RCI exchange and Alegria

RCI today told me any points that were NOT from 2014 use year or earlier are no longer valid. In fact they RETROACTIVELY removed the points that I had used for my 2014 stay (I had borrowed from 2015 use year for one of the units), and replaced them retroactively with the points from my other timeshare at Sapphire. So now I have no points at Sapphire until 2016. So if you think you have points for anything in 2015, or if you borrowed from 2015 to make a 2014 reservation, you may see a negative point balance in your account now. I was seeing all of those points on December 30, AFTER they cancelled my Caravanserai reservations and put the points back into my account. Then RCI went BACK later, took those points, and retroactively reassessed prior transactions by negating any Caravanseria points used and replacing them with Sapphire points, even though at the time I made the reservations, borrowed the points, and stayed at Caravanserai, Caravanseria was still a part of the RCI network. Nice monday morning quarterbacking RCI!

All this despite the fact that I had purchased points protection when I made the Caravanserai reservations for 2015. So if Caravanserai had been destroyed by a hurricaine I would still have points. But they don't allow me to keep the protected points due to "Hurricaine Alegria". So points protection was worthless here.

Also they could not tell me whether or not they would be honoring reservations I made at Royal Islander with points I THOUGHT were in my account to borrow (since their website showed them as valid and allowed me to make the reservation). I asked if I should cancel the reservation now and just get a refund of my transaction fee. And they replied "Well then it would be definitely cancelled." Oh. Ok. So my alternative is to wait and see what you decide to do...possibly at the last minute? They need to get their act together because they seem to be making it up as they go along.

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