01/06/15 09:24 AM
Re: RCI exchange and Alegria

Just got the shock of my life when I went to use my RCI points to book at another resort. I was told by RCI that Alegria had revoked my 2014 points and that I had no points that they would honor. I asked for a explanation from the supervisor on shift and he said that even though RCI and Caravanserai had a agreement for 2014, the points that were alloted for my 2 bedroom lockout could be taken back by Alegria. I think that RCI is looking at cutting any ties to this resort and the people who owned there. During the year 2014, all reservations from RCI were valid until the end of off company---like to really know how this program works---he could not explain how my points were taken away when my week 6 condo was exchanged by them

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