08/31/01 07:03 PM
Re: In need of links

Accuweather.com is my favorite for home and tropical. When you zoom on your local radar the image is usually no older than 10 min. and most times less than that. That's important in tornado country.

On to the tropical----- One of the best features here is the streaming video, usually around a 6 minute forecast covering the Atlantic and Pacific. Joe Bastardi usually gives the forecast durring the week, he's very entertaining and does a good job of explaining all the factors that go into the forecast. New video daily, probably more when conditions merit. This guy LOVES what he does, you can tell. My wife hates him, she says it's like Rocky giving a weather forecast, "yo Adrian." I love him though. Check it out, you won't be sorry. Now let's see if the software censors his name.


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