06/02/13 11:23 PM
Re: Smith Point?


Joecool said:
This is not politics, but common sense. Let me be clear. Now that the Memorial day weekend is here, and the airshow has been cancelled for today due to the weather, Long Island loses millions in revenue,and stands to lose more if it continues its anti-naturist practices on Fire Island. I hope someone is listening!

Are you saying that if there is no economic impact, or if there are more visitors this year (perhaps due to good weather this summer) that it was the right decision?

No, it it not about economics. It is about "live and let live".

If you can have an administrator installed from Washington, with no roots on Long Island, if this administrator thinks (or should I say knows) she has tyranical power, then this is no longer a country where "live and let live" applies.

And if some lowly bureaucrats are empowered with tyranical powers, then no, no one is listening.

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