08/11/17 01:13 AM
Re: New Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs

The Terra Cotta Inn had a large following. Tom stated that their business had a conservative 75% occupancy rate, year round. We were frequent visitors for over 17 years. There were many times we called and could not get a room because they were full. Often heard the same from many of their guests and people we'd met there.

The Terra Cotta Inn was clothing optional but in all those years, and all those visits ... I can count the number of people in bathing suits (all of them women) on one hand. Many a first timer came out in a bikini, left less than an hour later and came out topless, only to emerge a couple hours later completely nude. Most first timers would say ... "there's only one way to do this ... jump in with both feet!"

There was only one couple that visited annually. He was naked all the time, his wife was not but she never ventured far from their small patio out front of their room. She never wore a bathing suit so she never ventured over to the pool or hot tub. She visited so her husband could visit. They'd stay for an entire week.

The new Terra Cotta is couples only and it's Smoke Free! The first smoke free clothing optional resort in the US. That's huge for many people that used to get smoked outta their patios at the old Terra Cotta Inn because their neighbors smoked packs a day, every day, throughout the day and night.

A lot of the same amenities like the Ol' Terra Cotta Inn. Morning continental breakfast, afternoon strawberries (in season) and wine and snacks. Same type of policies on early check in, day use and the ability to stay the day til 5pm on check out day or day use.

The ol' Terra Cotta Inn had a large following and from what I'm hearing and reading, all those customers are eager to return from places they were forced to visit because of the Terra Cotta Inn closing. I don't doubt that the new Terra Cotta will do just as well as the ol TCI and that even though it's "clothing optional", 99% ,or better, are and will always be nude.

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