08/11/17 11:37 PM
Re: New Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs

Funny you mention the smoking at TCI, the one and only time my wife and I stayed there we were woken up the first morning by the smell of cigarette smoke in our room and the neighbor greeting his friend loudly. I think it was 7am. The loose fitting door and the arrangement with the breeze pushed all his smoke right into our room. We paid for that night but told Tom we didn't want to stay any longer. Not just because of that, but it certainly didn't help. Our room backed up to a daycare behind us and we heard happy children sounds all day long, another straw on the camel's back. We had been spoiled by the much larger grounds of DSR where we could sort of find our own more private area rather than just the pool deck.

We'll probably try the Terra Cotta, only because we like to give everything a shot, but we've yet to find a place better for us than DSR.

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