08/25/17 03:12 PM
Mirage Resort in Negril...

Mirage resort in Negril is now advertising as adults-only and "clothing-optional". We just got back and can't recommend it to anyone. The ladder to the ocean had been removed, so no ocean swimming at all! The main reason for going to the cliffs was to be able to swim and snorkel and jump from the cliffs. Well, that was a bust.

The pool was often full of loud and boisterous teenagers. Yes, they advertise as adults only, but since it was low season and we were the only guests they apparently decided it was 'bring your children to work day' every day (and night; they were staying in one of the rooms). I was disgusted since I ended up getting my swimsuit wet, something I had avoided for four nights at Hedo before transferring to Mirage. They would be in the pool for hours on end. I certainly did not feel like taking my suit off even to sit out in the sun. So much for "clothing-optional". We won't be back.

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