08/27/17 03:39 PM
Re: New Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs

Hi, My name is John Ruze. I am the owner of the new Terra Cotta in Palm Springs, CA. I would like to welcome everyone to our resort. Based on the advice of Tom and Mary Clare, I am calling the resort clothing optional as it is much nicer sounding and easier to book first timers. I know the original Terra Cotta Inn was the best place for first timers and our goal is to make the new Terra Cotta the best place for first timers too. As Fireprof mentioned first timers always ended up nude at the original Terra Cotta and at our new resort too. We do a good job of screening guests, so we do not get gawkers wearing clothes. The response to our opening has been over whelming. We've had guests from Canada, Australia, England, Hong Kong, and all over the US. We are rapidly gaining the reputation of being the place for nudists to vacation out west. Anyone that wants to email me with questions is more than welcome to at JohnR@hotelterracotta.com And yes, we are 100% tobacco free, so you do not have to worry about smokers sitting next to you at the pool.

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