09/18/17 05:58 PM
Re: Club O Alternative?


nouth said:
OK, we know there is no other place on the planet like Club O. But since it will probably be a year or two before anyone can return, what would be everyone's second choice--either in the States or in the Caribbean?

We love Club O because it is clothing optional, easing the introduction to nudism for reluctant "significant others"; because the people who go there are among the friendliest and most welcoming to newbies in the world, and because of the relaxing attitude that permiates the resort.

We have found three resorts in the US with similar ambiances: Cypress Cove near Orlando Fl, Avalon Resort near Paw Paw WV, and Whitetail Resort near Ivor VA.

Each is different, but all three are just as welcoming and laid back.

Hope this helps...

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