09/19/17 11:52 AM
Re: Club O Alternative?

There are many alternatives all over the place that have really distinct differences, advantages, and disadvantages. No, they are not Club Orient. There's no resort I know of with a beach anywhere near as nice as Club O. But, there are certainly resorts with nicer rooms and better service.

Of course, there is Hidden Beach in Mexico. We went once. It was nice, but not as nice as we expected given the price. There's a big difference in an all inclusive. We happen to really like all inclusives, so we tend to favor them. I was not that impressed with the one pool and the beach is not really much of a beach, but the rooms are far nicer than Club O and the food was really great.

Also in Mexico is Intima. Not an AI. Really just a hotel with a small restaurant and not on the beach. We really liked Intima and will be back (though not until they lift the travel advisory). At the price it's a bargain. It's walking distance into Tulum where there is lots of great food and the pool really is great. Get a swim-up suit!

We've been to Paya Bay in Roatan twice. First trip was fantastic other than the problem that we caught a stomach bug. The beaches (two) are great, the property is sprawling and very nice, and the rooms where comparable to Club O. But, our second trip sucked. We got eaten alive by bugs and I really thought the resort treated us like second-class guests. Activities got routinely cancelled and there were lots of local day visitors on the property who were not nudists at all. But, some of the best snorkeling we have ever done.

Looking at the new Grand Lido. It's been pricey, but rates are coming down on it. It looks nice, but still incomplete.

In the US, there are lots of resorts that are RV and camping oriented. We go several times a year to Turtle Lake Resort in Michigan and always have a great time. They have some rooms which are nice, but these resorts all are more of a rustic trip than something like Club O which I consider a more vacation trip. St. Martin is certainly a destination we would travel thousands of miles to. Union City, Michigan? Not so much. We've not been the the Florida resorts, some of which are in a class unto themselves.

We had a wonderful time at Terra Cotta Inn once and look forward to visiting the new version. There are several resorts in Palm Springs that are really nice hotel resorts. We're considering that for spring break next year.

We've been to Hedonism II 4 times now. Understand that if you are not big on partying and content to ignore what you may see (and you may see just about anything), a nudist can have a great time there. Since 3/4 of the resort migrates to the nude beach and pool, sometimes stuffing it to the brim, you end up with a large amount of resort that's pretty empty including the other beach which is actually nicer. We spend hours reading in the day-bed by the waterfall splash pool, swim a lot in the huge main pool and the swim-up bar pool, and just had a great time. Nude snorkeling!!!!

Then there's Europe. Like all good nudists, we will someday make the pilgrimage to Cap D'agde. But, that's a darned expensive vacation for us and more complex to plan.

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