01/18/17 11:36 AM
Need New Mexico Green Chile recipe

We vacation occasionally in Northern New Mexico in a lovely town called Chama. While dining at the local eateries, they have green or red chile that is a gravy that they pour over breakfast burritos, omelets, and other Mexican dishes. The red is prepared with ground beef, and the green is prepared with ground pork.
We have not found the chile sauce anywhere but in Northern New Mexico, and the restaurants seem to closely guard their recipes (old traditional family recipes).
The most famous chiles are from Hatch,NM, and they are roasted over an open flame, then peeled and the seeds removed before they are chopped and cooked.
Anyone have a recipe that might resemble the green chile gravy (stew) that is famous for the area I am speaking of?

I purchased a case of the frozen chile peppers, but am in need of a recipe.

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